Aluminium Expanded Metal

Aluminium Expanded Metal Sheet

Aluminium standard expanded metal, is a self-contained piece of metal that won't unravel, thus retaining its shape after years of constant use. Its properties are the same as standard expanded metal mesh: strong, light weight, rigid, adaptable to finishing processes, and allows the free passage of air, light, heat and sound. In addition, decorative expanded metal offers functional attractiveness. The decorative patterns are functional in that they regulate flow through direction and volume, and are attractive in that they provide the sales appeal sought by the industrial designer.

The Hesly ArchMesh® produce a variety of decorative mesh styles available in aluminum and carbon steel expanded metal. We also custom design decorative mesh patterns to meet your specific requirements. Sunscreens, room dividers and building facades are only a few of the design possibilities. Most of our expanded metal patterns are manufactured on a special order basis only.

Architectural/Decorative Expanded Mesh Properties

  • Economically priced
  • Cost savings alternative to perforated metal
  • Lightweight
  • Won't unravel
  • Free passage of air, light, heat and sound
  • Filtration properties
  • Functional attractiveness
  • Custom patterns
  • Flat or raised
  • Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel or an ductile material
  • Finishes - anodized painted, galvanized or powder coated
  • Patterns - slotted, diamond, square, round, square, hexagonal, ribbon, etc.
  • Security protection
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom colors
  • Provides sound proofing
  • LEED points
  • Options of fireproofing materials

Architectural/Decorative Expanded Metal Applications 

  • Architectural fencing
  • Windows, door & skylight guards
  • Interior design
  • Interior partitions & barriers
  • Speaker grilles
  • Drive & sidewalk gates
  • Light diffusers
  • Signage
  • Playground equipment
  • Screening
  • Sunshades
  • Facades
  • Ceiling panels
  • Walkways, mezzanines & stairways
  • Doors
  • Ceiling and wall lighting
  • Shelving
  • Building cladding
  • Security





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