Flexible SS Wire Cable Mesh

The Flexible Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh offers an aesthetically pleasing, cost-competitive, durable and lightweight stainless wire balustrade infill. FlexMesh also provides the ideal stainless trellis for vertical garden systems or green walls that form an integral part of an architectural design. Vertical gardens made from flexible stainless mesh offer shading and reduce the heat island effect of urban buildings. Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh creates a living green wall system that is easy to install on walls or fences using traditional stainless steel tubes or stainless cables.


Stainless steel FlexMesh provides security and is an easy to install alternative to balustrades for bridges, staircases, marinas and multi-storey carparks, large barrier fences, animal enclosures and vertical gardens on building facades. The durability of the thin stainless wire rope mesh is ideally suited for light, transparent commercial structures under extremely high loads in harsh environments. Where security, fall protection and transparency are required, such as mezzanine floors, this load-rated stainless mesh can be incorporated into the architectural structure. A FlexMesh green wall offers an environmentally competitive option to reduce graffiti on building facades.


Made from high quality ASIS 316 marine stainless cable and secured with seamless stainless steel ferrules for added strength and corrosion resistance, FlexMesh provides cost competitive, low maintenance stainless steel fencing and balustrade mesh for coastal areas. Stainless steel standoff brackets and easy to crimp stainless eye terminals are available to attach the custom made panels to building facades.

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