X-Tend Stainless Steel Mesh

The HESLY X-TEND Stainless steel mesh is light, robust, and transparent. High-quality stainless steel cables and pressed ferrules are used for the production of the mesh and connected to a load-bearing and flexible structure. The curvature in the opposite direction of the stainless steel cables creates the exceptionally robust characteristics of X-TEND - the mesh can even stand up to heavy loads. 


  • X-Tend stainless steel meshIt is constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel cables and seamless ferrules to make a resilient metal fabric that forms a diamond pattern as it is installed. Diamond sizes range from 20mm to 200mm and cable diameters from 1.0mm to 4.0mm to match your design requirements. 

  • Extremely strong yet transparent, it practically disappears when installed. It is nonflammable and allows ample light and airflow so it functions well in parking garages and fire escapes. 

  • It complies with all state and national building codes. Its flexible diamond pattern is climb resistant and prevents a secure foothold. It’s especially appropriate for children’s activity such as museums, schools, and recreational fields. 


  • China X-tend stainless steel wire mesh manufacturerManufactured in an ISO14001 certified facility, XTEND® is a sustainable building element. It is maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, requires no caustic cleaners or coatings, and is fully recyclable. It is particularly well suited for even the harshest climates. 

  • X-TEND’s ability to act as a 3-D structural element reduces the need for traditional building materials while permitting high load capacity and long spans. The result is a light, scalable, low-mass structure with greatly reduced material and installation costs. 

  • Mesh panels and installation hardware arrive ready to install. Once installed, it requires no adjustment and retains its shape and resiliency indefinitely. 

  • Specialized design services including tensile engineering, statics, and 3-D modeling are available. 

  • Applications for X-TEND® include balustrading, vertical greening, zoo enclosures, and safety applications. Its unique 3-D characteristics allow amazing design flexibility. Ask us for more information about this unique material. 


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